About Us

Hey all. Welcome to Awaken The Greatness Within. My name is Asad, and I’m the CEO&Founder. This site was founded in October 2015, with a purpose to help inspire, motivate and guide people to success by helping them become the best that they can be by developing success from within.

ATGW was started to help others believe in themselves, to help them break through their limiting beliefs and to start living life limitlessly, people can achieve so much more, but they just don’t know it. Everything can be true if you believe in yourself. The goal is to empower millions of people to live life to a higher standard and strive for greatness.

I started this site to help awaken people to their true potential, I was asleep to my potential but now I have awakened and I refuse to live an average life, my mission is to impact people in a positive way so that they can be the best they possibly can be.

Use this site to reprogram your mind and your life so that you can go from average to greatness. Success is a journey of growth in becoming the best that you can, develop yourself to your highest potential and don’t ever give up.

The goal is to awaken, empower, and create future leaders who take action and build ventures that advance humanity to a greater level. I am on a mission to serve as many people as possible and make a positive difference in the world.

“Live a life without limits, all things are possible to those who believe.”

Asad Meah