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I have created an eBook that will transform your life from Average To Greatness by helping you move away from how the 95% of the population live so that you can join the 5% and live a life of greatness. This eBook is the cure for mediocrity. The eBook is 74 pages.

This eBook has taken over 6 months to create, it includes the differences between successful people and unsuccessful people, from their characteristics, attributes, affirmations, and goals, and it includes activity sheets to help you make a profound transformation to your life, plus many other crucial aspects in regards to success.

The book contains an abundance of valuable information. It is six chapters long, below are the contents of the first two chapters.


  1. Everyone Starts At Average
  2. The Problem Of Life Procrastination
  3. Quitters
  4. Empty Your Cup
  5. Television
  6. Mobile Phones
  7. 95%
  8. 24 Hours
  9. Associations
  10. Ignore The Opinions Of Others
  11. You Have The Power To Control Your Life
  12. Inner World
  13. What Is The Dream
  14. The Plan
  15. Design A Great Life
  16. The Competition Is Between You
  17. Focus On Yourself
  18. Success Mirroring/Modeling
  19. Master The Small Things
  20. Character Development
  21. Mastering The Mind
  22. Law Of Attraction
  23. Sel-Actualization
  24. Law Of Attraction
  25. Dream/Vision Board


  1. The Key Characteristics Of Successful People & Unsuccessful People
  2. Conclusion
  3. Top 10 Goals For The Year
  4. Plans For The Top 10 Goals
  5. Daily Consistent Action
  6. Why you MUST Become Successful
  7. 100 Things You Are Grateful For
  8. Self-Awareness
  9. Investment In Yourself
  10. End Of Chapter Activity

There is no other eBook like this on the market, it is totally unique and straight to the point, because when it comes to success there is no time to sugar coat it up. I’ve written about how I see the world so far on my journey of awakening, this information is a collection of the aspects that has helped me over the past 5 years.

This is a life changing eBook that contains information that will enable you to live your life on a whole new level. So waste no more time living like the average people, and take your life to the heights of greatness.